Become a Bitcoin Generator The Easy Way – An Aussie’s Guide

Become a Bitcoin Generator The Easy Way – An Aussie’s Guide

If you’ve come to this site, you are probably interested in becoming a bitcoin generator in the easiest way possible. You’ve no doubt heard some information on how mining and the BTC miner process works. And you have probably heard that you need this complex machinery, that takes a load of energy in order to cool the machine down, and in doing so sending your power bill through the roof.

I don’t know about you, but when I was going through the thought process, that all sounded really complicated, and mostly expensive!

Well there’s an easier way to become a bitcoin generator and start the path to becoming a BTC miner……….and it doesn’t involve paying for hefty energy bills and complex machinery.

Its this new thing in the crypto world that they call “mining contracts”. The nuts and bolts of it is real simple…………… you pay Hashflare a bitcoin mining company to basically do the mining for you. The company I used when I did it was

Basically you pay them an amount to invest in, however much you want to put in, say $1000. And then they will start mining the bitcoin for you. However much you invest in, will also be dependent on the rate of bitcoin it mines at. NOTE the mining contract will last for one year.

You are probably thinking this can’t be for real? I know I did…… but I took the gamble anyway because the company looked reliable being based from the UK, but mostly because I thought it was an easier way of mining rather than buying the machinery and paying the energy bills (we all know energy bills in Australia are through the roof)

I’ve been doing it for a month so far, I initially invested $1500………..and in my first month I’ve made $500 worth of bitcoin. Doing the quick maths on it tells me that it’s about a 300% return on it, which is not too bad. IMPORTANT to note that the initial $1500 investment does not belong to you, the company takes that from you. But I figure after my first 3 months of earning $500 a month, I will have earned my initial investment back, and everything after that is cream and money in the bank.

My recommendation if you are hesitant, would be to start with a small investment of $1000, and see how it goes over a 3 month span just to test it out. It’s worth a crack in my eyes.

Below is Hashflare rough guide and chart of what it would earn after investing in $1000. It shows roughly how much it would earn you over a period of time. Note that is in USD, not AUD.

To me this method just sounded like a better way of investing, rather then investing straight up into bitcoin. Bitcoin can be volatile and seems to yoyo up and down at the moment. One day I’m looking at my portfolio and its rockets! And I’m cheering. However the very next day, it’s anchors and I’m contemplating “do I sell now?”. It can be very testing and such an emotional roller coaster. This just seemed like a good way to diversify within the cryptos currency realm.

Personally speaking, after seeing it do so well over the month, I actually tripled my investment. I think Bitcoin will continue to rise over the next year or so. Yes it will go down as well, but ultimately it should rise. If at the end of this mining contract you end up with close to 1 BTC…….mate, you’re laughing!

In simple terms, if you buy 1 BTC worth of mining contracts, at the end of the year you should have 3 BTC. At a minimum you should make your investment back in 2-3 months, everything after that, for 9 months is profit!

Below is a step by step guide on how to set up an account with Hashflare , and how to make your first initial investment. It’s really quite easy, and once you have done it starts mining for you straight away.

Go the Hashflare website


bitcoin generator

Create a username and password.

Then Click on “I’m not a robot” – follow the prompts of what it asks you (for me it was picking the pictures with the store fronts)

Hit verify, and then register.

btc miner

bitcoin generator

Once you have registered and logged in, it will take you to the main page of your account

You will then see a message instructing you to go to your email inbox to verify that this is your account.

Go to your inbox and open the email, and hit the link to verify your account

btc miner

Now that you have authenticated your account via email, next step is to fully activate the account by investing and putting some money down to start mining. They call this process buying some Hashrate.

Click on the left section “Buy Hashrate”

Then click on “Sha-256”

It will now take you to the SHA-256 page

There should be a bar in the middle of the page. Drag this bar to the amount that you want to invest in. NOTE it is priced in USD. So in my case I wanted to invest $1500 AUD, which was roughly $1210 USD (hence this is reflected on screenshot below)

Click the green “Proceed button” once you have selected the amount you want to invest.

This will now take you a screen where you can select how you would like to pay

Hit the green “Select Payment Method”

It will now take you a screen where you have to select which payment method you want to go with

Note you can pay with bitcoin, or wire transfer……. but in my case i chose to pay via credit card (figured it would happen right away, as opposed to waiting for the transfer to come through via bitcoin or wire transfer)

So in my case, I hit the blue “Pay with credit card”

Next step is to tick the little white box “I confirm that I have read and agree with the terms and conditions”

Hit the green “confirm” button

Now here’s where it got a little tricky.

It took me to a separate page via my credit card.

You need to have either a VISA or a MASTERCARD, and you need to have this security system called “3DSecure” enabled on your card.

This should be able to be done for most Australian credit card holders.

I simply called up my credit card customer support, and I asked them if I had this “3DSecure” enabled on my card. If you don’t have it, they should be able to activate it for you.  Don’t proceed with payment until you have it activated.

The screen will show your credit cards page, and the dropdown box will give you options on how you want the secret code to be sent to you.

You can get it sent to your mobile phone or your email.

Select the method upon which you want to receive the secret code.

Once you have your secret code, enter it in the box and then hit the red box “submit”

Now here’s where it gets a little trickier still

There is one last step to complete before you are finished – and that is Hashflares own code needed to input, to finally complete it all

It should take you back to your Hashflare inbox, and it should look like the below screenshot

Hashflare is now asking for the 4 digit code that will only appear on your credit card statement

Now you need to call your credit card support, because they are the only ones who will be able to see that 4 digit code

Below is a screenshot of how to instruct the customer service agent on how to provide that 4 digit code to you.

The 4 digit code should be a 4 digit number located towards the end of the line sequence.

Once your customer service agent has provided you with the 4 digit code, take note, and return back to the Hashflare main page

Input the 4 digit code and hit the blue “submit” button

Your screen should now look like the below screenshot

Thats it, you’re done!

Now just sit back and let the mining begin. You can monitor hows it is going over the next few days and weeks. Maybe check it after 2 weeks to see how it going.

You are now officially a BTC miner!

From all the options I’ve seen, this is definitely the easiest and low hassle path to becoming a bitcoin generator.